Zentangle No. 13

Finally managed to spend some quality time tangling tonight, after a few brief attempts over the last few days – I do wish life wouldn’t keep putting obstacles in the way of my engaging my creative side! 🙂

Discovered when I got home tonight that I’d actually left all my Zentangle stuff at work 😦

I keep it all in one of those business folders so it’s all in one place – you know, the kind of folder that has various pockets and places for a writing pad and pens and business cards, etc, and then zips closed to keep it all neat and tidy – found an old one stashed away in a cupboard when I was having a bit of a clear out over the weekend, so it’s being put to good use! Anyway, luckily I had a set of pens I’d purchased in Brisbane a few months ago when I first discovered Zentangling – had to use a 0.2 size pen instead of the recommended 0.1, and had no designs to refer to, so it was a very good creative exercise for me 🙂

Zentangle 13 2014-01-15

A good win for the Black Caps tonight in the final T20 game against the West Indies – it was looking a little dicey there for a few overs, when we kept losing wickets and the required run rate got to over 9 an over, but thanks to a great innings from Luke Ronchi and a couple of good hits from Jimmy Neesham we got home OK.  And now we have a five ODI and two Test series against India to look forward to!  First ODI is on Sunday – what a perfect way to spend an afternoon 🙂

2 thoughts on “Zentangle No. 13

  1. I take my Zentangle stuff with me everywhere, Jill, so that if I have some time to kill I can whip it out and practise – and we are allowed a lunch hour at work as well! 🙂 And well done for recognising the dandelions – not so sure about the mushrooms, but no matter 🙂

  2. Please tell me WHY you would take all your Zentangle stuff to work?!!! Your latest effort says mushrooms and dandelions to me, the dandelions I can do without. I swear every single seed germinates here!


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