Photo challenges for 2014

Today I joined a couple of Flickr Photo groups which involve a challenge for the year ahead.

The first one is 52 in 2014 which, as the name suggests, involves taking 52 photographs over the year, ie one per week.  A list of topics is provided, and you can post up to two photos (on two different topics) per week – you don’t have to follow the order of the topic list, and they stress that interpretation of the topic can be as free and imaginative as you wish.  It’s defined as “a low-pressure challenge, with the emphasis on friendly participation and interaction amongst group members”, which sounds pretty good to me.

The second group is 114 Pictures in 2014 which, again as the name suggests, involves taking 114 pictures in 2014.  There was a similar competition last year (113 Pictures in 2013) which I had a go at doing, but ended up not finishing the challenge, so this year I’m determined to do better!  Again, the topics are provided, you don’t have to follow the list order, and interpretation is up to you.  With the greater number of photos required there is obviously more commitment required with this one, and they encourage comments from other participants on your photos as well, which I remember from last year as being very encouraging.  (I think the reason I didn’t finish last year was that the challenge of my bridge league competition sort of took over – I shall have to work on a more equitable balance of my commitments this year! 🙂 )

I shall print out the list of the topics for both challenges and make sure I have them (and my camera) with me at all times, because you just never know when Something beginning with ‘P’, or a Queue, or a Bear even (in New Zealand???!),  is going to appear, do you?  Thank goodness Feline is on one of the lists, at least I shouldn’t have any trouble with that one!

Anyway, I’ve already done two photos for this week for the 52 in 2014 group, so I’m definitely on a roll.   Here they are:  No. 16 – Abstract/Pattern Shot; and No. 17 – A Weed.

16 - Abstract or Pattern Shot   17 - A Weed 

No. 16 is a gum tree nut – I hadn’t noticed or appreciated the beautiful colour and design in these before, so the challenge is certainly opening my eyes to photo opportunities.  And now that I look at it again, I’m sure I’d be able to use that ‘pattern’ in a Zentangle somewhere along the way as well … excuse me while I just go and investigate that … 🙂


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