Rain, rain, go away (please?)

Quiet-ish day today, although I did head into town late morning to drop back some library books (and yes, I did get some more out), and visit my favourite bookshop (Scorpio Books), where I picked up a photography book entitled, “The Rules of Photography and When to Break Them” (being the sort of person who does like to challenge the rules from time to time, the title alone appealed, but a quick perusal suggested I could certainly learn a few things from it). I also called into the garden section at Bunnings – it was raining gently at the time, so in a funny sort of way it felt quite appropriate to be selecting plants in the rain – and visited the camera shop for some tips on how to use the continuous shooting mode on my camera.   Last job on the list was to fill the car with petrol and also the gas bottle, so all in all it was a successful expedition, particularly since I managed to avoid Westfield Mall as well 🙂

Zentangle No. 3 completed tonight – I must admit I’m finding it very calming at the end of the day, to sit down and relax and let the creative juices flow:  methinks it might be a good way for me to unwind after a night’s bridge once I get back into that in the new year! 🙂

Zentangle 3 2012-12-28

Another good dollop of rain today, and the forecast is pretty much the same for another week or so – I thought briefly about heading over to the West Coast or down to Oamaru for a day just to get some sunshine, but when I checked both their forecasts it was the same for them as well, so maybe not.  I think Kaikoura might be up for a fine day on Monday, so depending on just how badly I feel I need some sun, that might be on the cards – haven’t been up that way for a couple of years at least, so it could be worth a trip.

There was a short break in the weather late this afternoon, with even some watery sunshine, so I shot out with the camera – everything certainly looked well washed and very clean!  By the time I got out for my walk at 7.30pm it was back to being overcast with a very fine misty rain on the way back, but not too cold so it was still pleasant to get out.

Photo quilt 2013-12-28

Until tomorrow, then – take care.


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