On the tenth day of Christmas …

Lovely lazy day for me today 🙂

Read a book this morning, then watched the finish of the cricket test (Black Caps vs West Indies), which we won by 8 wickets, taking the series 2-0, which is fantastic – results for the Black Caps haven’t been that good of late, so it certainly made me smile!  It’ll be interesting whether the ODIs which follow (the first one is on Boxing Day) will be different, given that there will be different players in each team:  I think the most pleasing thing about the test successes is that the whole team seemed to play well, whereas in the past it’s been either the batsmen or the bowlers who have done so, not the team as a whole:  long may this happy state of play continue!

Did a wee bit of gardening this afternoon and then came inside and cleared the decks (well, my dining / sewing table) so at some stage over the next two weeks I can get back into my quilting – it’s been so long since I’ve done any I almost feel I need a refresher course 🙂     I’d like to finish off at least one of my UFOs over the break, plus work on a quilt promised to a certain young lady in Auckland (did you hear that, Jayne?).  And I also have a pattern that I picked up at the quilt show in Brisbane in October which I’d like to attempt – it’s reasonably simple, but very effective, and I have some fabric in mind which I think might be just the ticket …  Progress photos will be posted as and when progress occurs, I promise!

Hard to believe it’ll be Christmas in three days’ time – the weather forecast isn’t great for either Christmas or Boxing Day, but we’ll just take what comes – and besides, if it’s raining, what better excuse to stay inside to work on my quilts?!  Or read a book or three – I have 30 out of the library, a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, including a couple on photography which look interesting, and of course the Zentangle ones I referred to in a previous post.  Each year on 1st January I also do a photo audit of the garden, so I can see what I’ve achieved (or not …) over the year – and of course doing the photo audit encourages me to have a bit of a clean-up beforehand so it all looks clean and tidy, so it’s sort of a win-win situation 🙂   Not sure that there’ll be much different this year, apart from a few things growing bigger, but it’s always interesting comparing the photos with the previous year.

Only three days to go on the 12 Days of Christmas ‘quilt’ now – today’s photos are mainly of my Brisbane visit and the quilt show in October, plus a few others.  This exercise has made me realise that there are one or two topics about which I just might appear to have a fixation … (1) Cats, both mine and other people’s; and (2) Clematis, with rhododendrons a very close second!  I really do need to broaden my (photographic) horizons, which is where I’m hoping the two library books I’ve chosen will help.  One is called “A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book – 95 inspiring ideas for photographing your friends, your world, and yourself”:

Beautiful Mess cover  http://christchurch.bibliocommons.com/item/show/813457037_a_beautiful_mess_photo_idea_book

and the other is, “Beyond Snapshots:  How to Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off ‘Auto’ and Photograph Your Life like a Pro”.

Beyond Snapshots cover  http://christchurch.bibliocommons.com/item/show/755486037_beyond_snapshots

I came across them at South Library on Saturday afternoon when I was waiting for a friend before heading off to the birthday party, so they were both very serendipitous finds.   I don’t actually have a DSLR camera, and I do most of my shooting on manual setting rather than let the camera decide, but there’s always room for improvement and trying things a new way, so who knows what ideas they might engender for next year’s photo shoots 🙂

Back again tomorrow – in the meantime, here is Day 10’s offering:

2013 photo quilt – 10th day of Christmas

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