On the eighth day of Christmas ..

There’s something infinitely satisfying in being able to step outside at 10 past 9 at night to go for a walk on a beautiful mild evening, with an ice-cream swirl of a sky in shades of apricot, peach, passionfruit and a touch of mulberry – or was it blueberry:  delicious!  I’ve been a bit delinquent in my evening constitutionals of late, what with one thing and another, so I’m feeling quite virtuous now 🙂

Last day of work today before my two-week break over Christmas – mainly cleaning up and tidying away, making sure my out of office and voice mail messages are up to date, having a jolly good cull of my email in-box, and cleaning out the fridge so there’s nothing furry with legs in there to greet me when I return in early January …  Toby came in for a last visit or three, and even brought us in a wee present late this afternoon, in the form of a bird he caught (poxy cat, just because we’re not feeding him any longer doesn’t mean to say he has to have a go at the birdlife in retaliation!).  I took the opportunity of taking some photos to share with you of our famous Avice Hill Philosophy Wall (well, it’s famous to us, anyway), which has grown over the year as we have each come across sayings, quotes and pictures that have caught our fancy for one reason or another – here are a few samples:

It’s meant as a bit of fun, light relief, or whatever, ranging from the very shallow to the very deep, but – hopefully – nothing there to offend anyone.

Birthday party to go to tomorrow afternoon – the weather forecast is horrible, to put it midly, so I’m thinking we’ll all be indoors, which is a shame, but I’m sure it won’t spoil the fun 🙂

The eighth day of Christmas offering below – only four more to go!

2013 photo quilt – 8th day of Christmas

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