On the sixth day of Christmas …

Been working on the January newsletter for my bridge club tonight, sorting through the photos I took at our Christmas dinner and prizegiving last week.  I appointed myself official photographer on the night, rather than relying on someone else being there with a camera, so at least I knew I’d have some photos which I could use – all I have to do now is seek permission from those involved so I don’t get offside with anyone (thinking PC and all that …)  People are smiling and looking happy in most of the shots, so hopefully there won’t be anyone who might be offended 🙂

I’ve got lots of ideas for articles, in fact maybe too many for just one edition, but some of them will keep – it’ll probably be more than the usual eight A5 pages anyway, as I have 4 pages of photos already.  I enjoy doing this kind of work – done a few newsletters over the years for various groups in which I’ve been involved, and love researching things and gathering news and interesting stories for others to read.  Who knows, you might even get to see some it on the blog once it’s done! 🙂

We had a small farewell afternoon tea today for a colleague who is moving on to another job – she’s been with us for just over two years, and we’ve all enjoyed and appreciated her creativity and way of looking at things differently.  She’s made some of our team gatherings really interesting and enjoyable with her innovative style and approach, which is quite an achievement:  I don’t know about you, but team meetings are definitely not a favourite part of my job, so to actually be able to say I’ve enjoyed them is quite something!  We gave her a box of chocolates (it’s sort of a standing joke in the office how often one or other of us will say, almost every day, “I really need some chocolate right now!”), and a book voucher for a specialist bookshop which she was very excited about, as she had recently seen a book there which she really, really wants, so our gift was quite opportune 🙂

Today’s photographic offerings are a little bit sombre on the whole, but then, given that most of the photos were taken in early winter (although I confess, I have snuck in one or two from a month or so earlier in the year, just to add a bit of colour …), the subdued tone overall is not surprising.  Chin up, I’ll try to brighten things up a little more tomorrow! 🙂

2013 photo quilt – 6th day of Christmas


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