On the fifth day of Christmas …

I’ve noticed that as I’ve been moving through this 12 Days of Christmas blogging sequence, the size of the 2013 quilt attachment has been growing commensurately each day:  Day 1 – one page; Day 2 – two pages; Day 3 – three pages; and Day 4 – four pages.  However, I’m sure you will appreciate that were I to continue in that vein, by the time I got to the 12th day I would be facing the same problem that got me started on this sequence in the first place, ie one humongous document which would probably use up all the space I’m allowed on Word Press, and then I’d never be able to post another photo for a very long time, which would be no fun!  So I’ve kept today’s attachment at a nice sedate three pages 🙂

Cooler day today, with quite a bit of rain overnight and early this morning – not unpleasant, and a good soaking for the garden.  I was given a couple of tomato plants by a friend a few weeks ago – Strawberry Belle is the variety, and they’re what I think they call grape tomatoes, ie the fruit is shaped like, and about the size of, a grape.  I planted them in a little plastic greenhouse which I purchased, to protect them from marauding possums, and they’ve been doing beautifully, with lots of flowers and one fruit now showing sizably on the lowest branch:  very exciting!  (I’m concerned, however, at how long it’s been green – I want it to get a move on and turn red so I can eat it!)  Very shortly I think I’m going to have to nip out the top buds, which are now touching the top of the greenhouse (it only stands just over 1.5m tall, so not very big), and encourage some of the laterals which I’ve left growing further down, so that flowers will continue to appear and magically turn into tomatoes 🙂

I have some baby spinach in pots alongside the tomatoes and they, too, have been growing very well – in fact, a little too well, resulting in a surplus of spinach up with which I just cannot keep pace consumption-wise!  Even though I open up the greenhouse each day so there’s plenty of air circulation, I think the semi-tropical atmosphere in there is rushing the spinach into growing too quickly – I have another small adjacent area protected just by wind cloth, so I might move them in there instead, in an effort to slow down the production line.    It’s fun eating stuff you’ve grown yourself, isn’t it?  Makes me feel all virtuous and pioneering 🙂

Anyway, I’m heading away to bed early tonight, so I shall attach tonight’s edition of the Christmas quilt now and get this posted – I hope all your Christmas preparations are going smoothly and that your nerves are still intact amidst the frenetic pace which seems to take over at this time of year:  don’t let it get to you!

2013 photo quilt – 5th day of Christmas


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