On the fourth day of Christmas …

Just home (10pm) from our last bridge committee meeting for the year:  given the time of year it is, there were nibbles and a complimentary glass of wine (or two) for those who wanted it, and lots of digressions from the topics under discussion, so the meeting was probably about an hour and a half longer than it needed to be, but no matter, we got there in the end 🙂

After some beautiful weather the last few days, it rained tonight, and the forecast for the next few days is for more of the same through until Friday, then rain right through from Saturday until and including Christmas Day:  my newly planted plants in the garden will be loving it!   I have another couple of shrubs that have been in pots for far too long and are starting to show signs of pot fever (akin to cabin fever), so I might look at trying to get them planted out tomorrow evening, so they can settle in to their new habitat while it’s cool and damp and I won’t have to worry about remembering to water them.  Incredible to read online this morning of Cairo experiencing its first snow in 112 years – somehow I have great difficulty in imagining Cairo and snow together, normally I think sweltering hot whenever Cairo is mentioned!   One can imagine the wonder and joy of the children (and adults too, I guess, but perhaps to a lesser degree …) experiencing snow for the first time:  quite magical.

Now, I’m looking for a volunteer to break some bad news to Henry Lee:  anyone offering to help me out here?  You see, I made a big mistake two nights ago, and then repeated it last night:  instead of putting him outside when I went to bed, as I normally do, I let him stay in – and what’s more, I let him sleep on my bed … and he was just so excited about it that he kept waking me up through the night to share his excitement and pleasure, patting my face, kneading my face, purring in my face, sprawling across my face, pushing his nose in my face, sitting on my face, kissing my face, walking over my face, cuddling up to my face – oh, I’m sure you get the picture!  Trouble is, he’s so darn cute while he’s doing it, I just don’t have the heart to put him out!  So that’s why I’m calling for a volunteer, so I don’t have to look him in the eye and say, “Hop it, Poppet!”  He’s there again now, confidently hunkered down on my pillow, just waiting for me to join him … *sigh*   What’s a girl to do??

DSCF1988  DSCF1992

Tonight’s Christmas photographic offering includes a touch of whimsy (a Scott Base signpost on someone’s driveway, a little drummer boy atop a roof in Christchurch’s Red Zone CBD, and the All Blacks flag on some run-down sheds – placed there, I’m sure, during the 2011 Rugby World Cup here in NZ and left in place because, heck, we won the darn thing after all!); a couple of cats, one mine and one not (where would I be without them); flowers, leaves and some beautiful show animals; spice bottles to remind me of barbecues back home in Africa; and Oscar, the cutest young busker you’ve ever seen.

2013 photo quilt – 4th day of Christmas

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