Clematis (yes, again!) … with a little bit of lily, more azalea, and a whole lot of iris …

Every year, as the clematis goes through all its various stages of growth, flowering, and decline in preparation for the next season, I thank again and again the spirits that moved me to plant the pink one (Clematis montana Elizabeth) that grows over my verandah:  it gives me such pleasure and joy, and so many photo opportunities!  And in the sun and the rain the other day I couldn’t resist just a few more shots …

Ain’t it purty? 🙂

And then there’s the arum lily which grows on the bank of the water race that runs alongside the garden, and this year just seems to be bursting with flowers – as does my little red azalea which lives in an old washing machine bowl, and the dwarf irises which loiter beside the rhododendrons:  what a spring it’s been!

PS  Did you notice the interloper atop one of the irises?

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