August-September: few words, lots of pictures

Oh my:  can’t believe it’s October – no idea where August and September went to!  Although I haven’t been blogging of late, I have been out with my camera, enjoying the beautiful spring blossoms and new growth that lifts the spirits after winter.  Thought I’d share some of them with you …


5 thoughts on “August-September: few words, lots of pictures

  1. Lovely pictures, Sasa. I’m intrigued though. Are those Japanese Anemones, the pink flowers with the drooping buds? Janine has them flowering now in her garden, and we are in Autumn. Very odd.

    • That’s my very favourite (if the number of pictures I take of it are anything to go by!) clematis, Jill! I must look out for your Japanese Anemones, though, if they look like the clematis and flower in autumn – I could get double the amount of pictures with two different flowering seasons ;))

      • Clematis! It’s clematis. I must send you a photo of the Japanese Anemone so you can see why I was so deceived! Flowers and buds only, though.

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