In the spirit of watchfulness …

I was prompted by a post today by ordinarygoodness to have a wander around my own garden in a ‘watchful’ mood – I love this concept!  Here’s some of what I discovered on a beautifully mild winter’s afternoon …

I love that special golden light in the early morning and at the end of the day:  did you see how it made the reddish bark of the gum tree glow – isn’t it beautiful?  I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had much time to take many photos, so it was good to be able to get outside for a slow wander in the warmth of the late afternoon, with Henry Lee for company 🙂

Here’s another photo I took a few mornings ago of the moon setting just as I was leaving for work – I couldn’t believe how big it was!  It’s been very yellow when rising in the evenings, and quite beautiful, as has the night sky been on some of the lovely clear nights we’ve had recently.


I had the day off on Friday, so have enjoyed a three-day weekend with great weather on all three days, and it’s not looking too shabby for the next few days either:  what a shame I have to be at work! 🙂

One thought on “In the spirit of watchfulness …

  1. This strange warm weather has offered the most wonderful light night and morning as you say.
    I’m no fan of ivy but I particularly like your photo here. Watchfulness seems to link so nicely with mindfulness but with a camera in hand. It involves being open to receive images rather than deliberately focusing on shooting pictures. I am enjoying it and the peacefulness it invokes.
    Thank you for your empathic wishes to us re the earthquakes. We are all on edge but doing our best to keep life on its normal routines.
    Go well with the Bridge- you are enthusiastic!


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