Would you like the good news or the bad news?

Well … the good news is that I played in another bridge tournament on Sunday, and we managed to come 2nd in the Junior section, which will add to our tally in the Canterbury Regional Bridge competition which I posted about here just over a couple of weeks ago.  And the other good news about our continuing success is that each time, the prize money we have won has covered our entry fees for the tournament, so we’ve had a whole day of fun which hasn’t cost us a dang thing!  I like that. 🙂

And the bad news?  Well … the bad news (for you, that is) is that our continuing success has merely fanned the flames of my competitive nature ever more strongly, so we’re off to Ashburton on Saturday 3 August for our next tournament. Just as well there isn’t one in the near vicinity this coming weekend, as my partner heads off tomorrow to the Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane) for a week’s holiday, and I’d probably be frothing at the mouth were she to be away when there were tournament points on offer! 😉  This whole bridge competition thing is in danger of becoming seriously addictive for me, I have to say, but I am seriously enjoying it, so I am seriously going to continue, and you are seriously going to continue hearing all about it! 🙂

Recently a colleague introduced me to a Facebook website (Oxford Leadership Academy) which has had a number of postings on it which have intrigued and piqued me – here’s an example:

Share when you see the horse

Makes you realise that sometimes all that’s needed is a different point of view or perspective.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about Toby, the cat who lives next door to our office and regularly drops in to say hello – here are a couple of photos from his latest visit:

DSCF9170 cropped

Toby supervising the workers at Avice Hill …


… and expresses his displeasure at not being fed!

The weather has been very mild over the last couple of days, with temperatures much warmer than usual for this time of year, and suddenly I’m noticing new growth in the garden … anyone would think it was spring …

DSCF9184 cropped

An azalea peeks through the leaves …


… and fresh mint is sprouting in the planter.

My thoughts tonight are with all the good folk in Wellington and the area around Seddon at top of the South Island, who have been shaken (literally as well as figuratively) by a series of strong earthquakes over the last few days:  here in Canterbury we know just how unnerving an experience it is, so you have our sympathy.  Hang in there, and I trust things will settle down quickly without getting any worse.  Kia kaha!

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