Still on track …

Mentally drained, I am.  60 boards of bridge played today, six lots of 10 boards at a time, with about a 10 minute break in between each set while they calculated the results and redrew for the next set; 45 minutes for lunch, finally finished at about 5.30pm, having started at 9.30pm.  It was as challenging as we thought it would be, given that there were some very senior players – luckily, we didn’t get to meet too many of them! 🙂 

Swiss PairsBut I’m very happy to say that my partner and I managed to get first prize in the Junior section, which surprised us both, as we really didn’t think we’d had that good a day!  So we’re still in the race for the regional championship I mentioned in an earlier post, which is pretty exciting; although I’m not about to chuck in my day job … 😉


Woke up this morning to no electricity, which caused some consternation, given that if I don’t have power, I don’t have any water, which meant no shower and no hot cuppa to start the morning … 😦   My bridge partner came to the rescue and offered both shower and breakfast, so I gathered together my clothes, shower stuff, woolly hat and gloves (it was bitter outside), opened the door to leave – and the power came back on 🙂  A good day to be inside in the warm for sure – when we got back home again there was snow on the ground and a biting cold wind straight off the Southern Alps:  brrr!!

Just want to say congratulations to the Southland Sharks, who tonight won the final of the NZ National Basketball League in only their 4th year in the league:  they played an awesome semi-final against probably the best team in the league (Wellington Saints) yesterday, and tonight were equally good against the Nelson Giants – way to go, boys!  And now I’m just off to watch a little bit of the Ashes cricket test before hitting the sack:  g’night, everyone!


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