Once more into the breach …

Tomorrow I’m picking up the bridge challenge again, competing in a Swiss Pairs competition at Christchurch Bridge Club.  I’ve never played in Swiss Pairs, and had no idea what they were, so I asked for an explanation and received the following:

“There is usually a random draw at the beginning and you play a number of boards against the same pair,  9-12 boards or thereabouts.  After the 1st round there is a 2nd draw based on the previous round results and you play a pair who had a similar result and play another 9-12 boards. This is repeated for 5-8 times depending on the number of entries. You end up playing against players at a similar playing level.”

Hmmm, sounds interesting!  We fully realise that we will be up against some top-notch players, and quite honestly we have no great expectations about what we’ll achieve, but decided we’ve got nothing to lose, so why not give it a go?  I’ll let you know tomorrow night how we got on, depending on how battered and bruised mentally I feel at the end of the day … 😉   Tomorrow’s weather forecast is for cold, showery weather with the possibility of some snow showers as well, so it could be a good day to be warm indoors with plenty to occupy my mind!

Caught a brief glimpse on the news tonight of Malala Youfsazi, the young girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for promoting education for girls in Pakistan, as she addressed the United Nations Youth Assembly on her 16th birthday:  what a wonderful example and role model she is!  Loved her quote,”One child, one teacher, one and one pen can change the world” – very inspiring to watch.  It made me incredibly grateful for the freedom and education I enjoyed as a child.

Henry Lee is not talking to me at the moment, after I sat up in the Lazy Boy chair and inadvertently (and very briefly) trapped his leg as the footstool part folded in:  he was not amused!  I have put him outside to work off his hurt feelings – I’m sure once he realises how cold it is out there compared to the warmth of the lounge, where he slept virtually all day with the fire going, he will be bleating at the door to be let in!

Right, time for a hot drink and then an early night in preparation for tomorrow;  see you all then!


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