Just a little skite … please?

Would you indulge me for a moment?  I wish to have a little – just a wee piccaninny one, I promise – skite.  I won’t go on at length, but I’m fair busting to tell you, so I’m going to, all right?

LogoI’ve mentioned in previous posts that I play bridge.  Rather a lot of bridge, actually.  Three nights most weeks, and some weekends as well.  So you’ll appreciate that I enjoy it, right?  And as seems to be the way with bridge – or maybe it’s just my bridge, I don’t know – there are peaks and troughs, and I haven’t been feeling that positive about the way I’ve been playing lately, but I keep going because, darn it, even a bad night at bridge is better than a good night doing … well, most other stuff. 

This year Canterbury Regional Bridge introduced a new (individual) competition for Intermediate and Junior ranked players, where you get points for competing in tournaments, and then more points depending on how many competitors there are and what your final placing is in each tournament.  The competition runs from 1 January to 30 November 2013, and there is a cup for the winner and prize money awarded to the first 8 players placed in each of the two grades.  When I became aware of this competition for the first time about six weeks ago, I was delighted to discover that my partner and I were ranked 4th equal at that time, on 16 points – not bad for someone who wasn’t even aware they were in the competition! 🙂 


Happy Dance!

We played in a tournament last Sunday and did reasonably well – 4th in both the morning and afternoon sessions,  ending up 8th overall out of 29 competing pairs – and we thought we might have picked up a few more points.   So you can imagine what a happy dance I did when I checked the regional competition placings earlier today and discovered that we’ve shot up the ladder and are now sitting 1st (me) and second (my partner), on 41 and 38 points respectively!  (I’ve gained an extra 3 points thanks to another tournament entry with a different partner.  Which opens up another level of competition between just the Two of Us, as well as between the Two of Us and The Rest of the Competitors! 🙂 )

But, wait a minute, now …  it’s only just early July, and the competition doesn’t close until 30 November … Yikes, that’s still a whole five months still to go …  suddenly my competitive – oh, so competitive – nature leaps into overdrive as I feverishly scan the schedule of 17 tournaments available over that period:  Christchurch – no problem … Ashburton – that’s only an hour’s drive, quite doable …  Timaru – hmm, that’s two hours’ drive, more of an effort but still doable; Geraldine – ditto; Waimate … hmmm, three hours plus away …  And there’s the two weeks I’m going to be away in Australia in October, so that knocks out one of the Christchurch options … I dunno, maybe I should just give away the whole idea … Like as heck I will!!!   So, good, patient, understanding people that you are, be warned:   you WILL hear more about my bridge exploits over the next five months! 🙂 🙂

8 thoughts on “Just a little skite … please?

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  3. (What I have learnt today: the meaning of Aussie slang word ‘skite’.) Thank you for enlarging my vocabulary, Sasa – although I cannot see myself using that word! Congrats to you on your Bridge achievements, sounds as if you are enjoying it. I suppose you were too small to remember our marathon family whist sessions at 4, Bath Road during the school holidays, till midnight sometimes!

    • Isn’t that funny, I’ve got so used to using the word it never occurred to me that it wasn’t “Queen’s English”! And yet, one reference I discovered says, “noun – Australian/NZ a boaster. [ mid 19th century: from Scots and northern English dialect, denoting a person regarded with contempt; compare with blatherskite]”. So, given our Scottish heritage, Jill, perhaps we both should have been more aware of its origins! 🙂

      Thanks for your congratulations, I certainly am enjoying it. And no, I don’t remember the marathon whist sessions at 4 Bath Road – certainly remember the sessions at TJ during the school holidays, where a whole day could be (and was) spent playing hotly-contested card games, with no quarter given: so it’s no surprise, is it, that I should be so keen on bridge, and so competitive! What lovely memories that brings back, of betting on pontoon and poker hands using tickies from Mama’s tickey jar, or matches from her and Lala’s ever-present supply: great family times.

  4. Sally—-well done. I understand that if you are short of a partner for this weekends tournament then another real team player is now available to play with you—-his name Tony Marrayatt!!

    Happy Bridging


  5. Thank you, ma’am! I know I can count on your support should I appear to be flagging between now and November – nothing like have your own cheerleaders on the sideline when the going gets tough! 🙂


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