This and that and the other …

Wasn’t that Super Moon an absolute stunner on Sunday night? Although I was mightily impressed when I spotted it through my kitchen window, I didn’t realise that it was quite so special until I got online later that night and read all the write-ups about the event. And then, having read all about it, it was still there when I left to go to work on a clear and very crisp Monday morning …

DSCF9134 cropped

It made for a wonderfully uplifting start to the day seeing that as I stepped outside: mind you, the wind that went with it was straight off the snow-laden mountains, so I wasn’t inclined to linger long in taking the photograph!

I had a very pleasant experience at bridge last night. You may recall my mentioning a couple of weeks ago that I played in a tournament early in June? We had a shocking morning result with a second from bottom score, but redeemed ourselves in the afternoon with a second from top score, giving us an overall result in mid-field. Now, although I play in the Senior grade on club nights, and my partner is from the Senior Reserve grade, we are both ranked as Juniors for tournament purposes, and played in the combined Junior and Intermediate section in this particular tournament, leaving the Big Boys and Girls – as in, those who really know what they’re doing – to battle it out in the Open section. There were prizes for the top Juniors and the top Intermediates, but sadly we didn’t feature when the winners were announced. At least, that’s what we thought … However, it transpires an error was made when assessing our ranking on the day, and we were classed as Intermediate when in actual fact, we are Juniors. Because of this error, we weren’t included in the correct grade when our scores were compared with others, and became ‘also rans’ in the Intermediate section, rather than (Ahem.  A little trumpet fanfare and drum roll, please) … First in the Junior section (woo-hoo!!). Fortunately the eagle-eyed person who checked the scores in the week following the tournament realised that an error had been made and brought it to my attention, and I brought to the Tournament Convenor’s attention, who brought it to the Tournament Director’s attention, who … well, I’m sure you’ve caught my drift by now, yes? Anyway, the upshot was that the results were amended and our achievement was announced last night at our Senior grade club session (unfortunately my partner wasn’t able to play with me last night, so I was called up on my own to receive a very nice letter of apology and our prize money). And you know what the nicest thing about it all was? The congratulations from my peers as I played through the night: given that this is only my third year in the Senior grade, it was extra special to receive recognition from players who are light years ahead of me in playing ability and have won scores of prizes along the way, but took the time to acknowledge my achievement and say, “Well done”.  I was well chuffed! 🙂

Was delighted to hear on the radio as I travelled to work this morning, the last few minutes of play of the T20 cricket match between England and New Zealand, which we won by 5 runs on the very last ball.  Caught the last half of a replay on the TV this evening and enjoyed watching some of our new players coping very well with the pressure of a match that went down to the wire: good stuff!  And the even better news for me is that I have Friday off work, so I can sit up as long as I like on Thursday night to watch the second match if I so choose, and not have to worry about falling asleep at work on Friday … 🙂  I had to smile, when listening to the commentary, at some of the extraordinary terminilogy used in cricket:  silly mid-off … backward square leg … gully … third man (Harry Lime, here we come) … first slip, second slip, third slip … googly …  extra cover … deep fine leg …  Where on earth do they all come from?  Can you imagine someone from another planet trying to figure what the heck we’re talking about??!

On another sporting note, I could hardly believe my ears on Tuesday morning when I caught up with Rafael Nadal’s early exit from Wimbledon! Having groaned in despair on Monday morning when I heard that my favourite hero, Roger Federer, would have to beat Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray AND Novak Djokovic to win this year, I’m now feeling a little more upbeat about his chances (as I’m sure he is, too). 🙂 Sadly, Sky TV isn’t seeing fit to cover any of the matches live so far – I guess it might kick in once we move into the second week, so there could be some additional late nights ahead for me (additional to those which are already late due to my bridge activities 3 nights a week already, I mean …).

And finally tonight, a few shots of Mr Henry Lee becoming acquainted with our new work mascot, called Sockers (after the Sockburn Service Centre, where we were previously located).   Sockers had complained about being left alone in a cold office all night, so I took him home with me.  H.L. didn’t seem too impressed – in fact, I think he’s actually attacking Sockers in one of these shots …  I can see I shall have to talk to him about his manners and making visitors more welcome.


Maybe if I pretend I’m asleep he’ll go away …


Get out of my space!




Take that, you … you … you interloper, you!



Righto, off to watch a little bit of the second State of Origin match before heading off to bed – go, the Maroons!

PS  Have since discovered that the tennis is on another channel, so I can watch it  – but since my friend Roger was bundled out overnight, suddenly I’ve lost a bit of interest … 😦


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