Brrrr! In anticipation of what’s to come …

We received a weather warning at work today – here’s what’s in store for us over the next few days:

Fine weather today with sunny periods and some cloud, mostly patchy high cloud. Light northeasterly winds.
Cloudy tomorrow, with some light showers developing during the morning, but more persistent rain during the afternoon. Light to moderate southerly winds, cold temperatures. Snow lowering to 400m by evening. Heavier rain and stronger southwesterly winds at night.

Further Outlook
Cloudy and very cold on Thursday with periods of rain and snow, the snow initially to near sea level, rising to 200m around the middle of the day, then lowering to near sea level again from evening. Rain and snow will be heavy at times, with 40-50mm of rain expected during the day, and over 40cm of snow above 200m. Winds will be strong and gusty during the morning, and near gale force during the afternoon and evening from the south.
Severe wind chills are likely, and very heavy swells off the coast.
Cloudy and bitterly cold on Friday with snow showers to low levels. A further 10-20cm of snow is expected.
Strong to near gale force southwesterlies at first decreasing slowly during the day.
Mostly cloudy but dry on Saturday with bitterly cold temperatures as southwesterly winds ease and become light. A clearance late in the day will lead to heavy frosts Saturday night with a risk of widespread ice from frozen snow.
Fine and sunny with some high cloud developing on Sunday and a little milder, with moderate morning and night or northwesterly winds developing.
Cold southwesterlies freshening again Monday with a period of wintry showers.


Thank goodness I have a load of firewood on hand! There have been numerous media warnings through the day to stock up on food, fuel and any other supplies you might need should travelling become difficult due to the snow, so I heeded the warning and stopped at the supermarket on my way home after bridge this evening. And it looks like most of Christchurch has listened and heeded the warnings as well – I’ve never seen so many empty shelves! No milk, very little bread, and a very limited selection of meat – it was almost spooky, like the world was about to end and everyone was determined to have a jolly good nosh-up before it happened … 🙂 Had to laugh at the students in front of me at the check-out, whose idea of stocking up consisted mainly of lots of beer and potato chips and dips! All the essentials, they said 😉 Hopefully I will be able to get some milk tomorrow and also fill up the gas bottle, so the cats and I can hunker down should the weather warning be accurate. Generally when they forecast snow down to 400m, I get it where I am, so we shall wait and see.

Of course, tomorrow evening I have my awards function … have already had two calls today from people who aren’t keen to come out if the weather is as bad as has been forecast, and I can’t say I blame them: I’m almost tempted not to turn up myself, except I’m responsible for organising the darn thing, so it wouldn’t be a good look if I wasn’t there. We’ll just keep all our fingers and toes crossed that it holds off long enough to let me get home OK, and basically I don’t care what happens after that! 🙂 Somehow I don’t think I’ll be heading off to work on Thursday or Friday morning … my imperially-trained brain has just translated that 40cm of snow is darn near half a metre or around 1’6″ in metric measurements: THAT IS ONE HECK OF A LOT OF SNOW!!!!!!!

I have to confess, though, that the African child in me still gets VERY excited at the prospect of heavy snow – there is just something about it that makes me almost gleeful at the thought of being snowed in and hunkered down with the cats, a good log fire burning, plenty of food on hand and lots of good books to read 🙂 (I’m assuming, of course, that my power will still be on and I’ll be able to use the phone and internet to keep in touch with the world – take those away and suddenly it’s not such an attractive prospect … 😉 ) If you don’t hear from me over the next few days you’ll know why!


3 thoughts on “Brrrr! In anticipation of what’s to come …

  1. So, did you get your snow? And still got getz (as in Zim. lingo!)? I am always so thankful for our oil fired stove in winter, provides for both cooking and (dim) lighting in an emergency! Hope all is well with you.

    • Sadly, hardly any snow at all at home – and I was SO prepared for it! I did get to go home a couple of hours early on Friday, when the heat pump at work kept turning off every 30 minutes or so to defrost – maybe the fact that it was snowing off and on most of the day had something to do with that … 😉 Our maximum yesterday was 3.7C, so thank goodness for lots of firewood and a gas heater! Today was clear, frosty and sunny for most of the day, and the forecast for the next three days is the same – down to -4C tonight. Any sign of your summer yet? 😉

      • Summer, you said? Summer? Well, a day here and a day there; I really should put a big smiling sun on the daily calendar to remind me when I look back in midwinter that we did have some good days! I see a bit of rain at Wimbledon, par for the course!

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