What a dreary old Sunday it’s been!

It’s done nothing but rain today; the ground is absolutely sodden, and there are puddles everywhere, so could somebody please turn off the tap? Thank you!

With the weather the way it was, it’s been an indoors day for me today, catching up on some reading, doing a little bit of quilting (just started a quilt requested by a family member), and spending a whole lot of time on the computer. I recently took on the (voluntary) role of Marketing Officer for Crockfords Bridge Club, where I play twice a week – there hasn’t been anyone willing to fill the role for the last three years, so it’s almost a case of starting from scratch in the development of a marketing strategy and plan. Our membership numbers have been declining of late, so we’re working on ways to attract (and retain) new members, and have decided to undertake a survey of our current members in the hope it will help us to target our marketing more effectively. I’d heard of, and had a little (very little) experience with Survey Monkey, which we’re going to use for completion of the survey online, as well as hard copies for those who prefer to complete it that way. What I hadn’t appreciated is that the basic Survey Monkey membership only allows you 10 questions free of charge: anything over that and you have to upgrade and pay an annual subscription, which meant that I’ve spent this afternoon trying to squeeze our 24 original questions into 10! There is some flexibility in the way the questions can be structured – you can sort of have two bites of the cherry and combine questions – but there are still one or two of our original questions which will have to wait until another time. It’s been a good exercise in focusing on what we need to know now, and what can wait.

Part of my role as M.O. is getting together information for our newsletter, and I’ve been granted access to some of the club’s old minutes books, which have provided some fascinating reading:
9 September 1938: “Mr. M. moved that Mrs T. and Mrs B. be written to and informed that their standard of play is not sufficiently high at present for membership of the Club and that the suggestion be made that they take a further series of lessons and apply for nomination again in three months’ time.” (Obviously they weren’t so worried about membership numbers back then! 🙂 )
7 October 1938: “The Secretary was instructed to arrange to have the carpets taken away and cleaned. Mr S. moved that Mrs A. and Mrs L. be asked to select a rug for the main room, the cost to be in the vicinity of £2. Mr M. agreed to get what whisky, sherry and ale was necessary for the entertainment of the Tournament players.” Yup, got to have things right for those tournament players 😉
17 December 1938: A discussion was held regarding the party and it was decided to ask lady members to bring supper and men to give 2/6d towards the expenses. It was decided that the Secretary should deal the hands and include six goulashes.” (I wonder what these goulashes were – I’ve heard of Hungarian Goulash, which I think is some kind of stew, but feel sorry for the poor old Secretary if she was expected not only to deal the cards for the party, but also had to provide six goulashes!!)
13 October 1939: “The secretary was instructed to buy two waste paper baskets.”
19 January 1940: “It was decided to buy a new garbage tin and have the Club’s name painted on it.”
19 July 1940: “Mrs R’s suggestion in the suggestion book about giving up cakes for supper … was discussed, and it was decided that no action be taken in this matter.”
Such weighty matters to be discussed and decided upon! 🙂

The week ahead for me is going to be a busy one, with an awards function on Wednesday night which still has a few tasks to be completed beforehand: this function is for the presentation of Community Service and Youth Service Awards to 17 recipients in recognition of their voluntary work in the community. I’ve arranged for a short choral presentation by a local primary school choir as part of the evening, so it should be very entertaining.

Apart from that, I’m looking forward to the Black Caps’ game against England in the ICC Champions Trophy later tonight, although it sounds as though the weather might play a part in the result, as happened in our last game against Australia, and a couple of the other games in the last few days. The Warriors also play at 8pm, so that could be an alternative should the cricket not start on time.

Have a good week, everyone!


One thought on “What a dreary old Sunday it’s been!

  1. It has rained here all day too (Wellington) and I believe that Auckland was no different.
    Housework, genealogy, catching up on blogs and a nice meal out this evening.
    I think this week is forecast to be wet so more indoor tasks will need attention.


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