More from the garden

The weather was a bit of a bonus today, as they’d promised us rain but it never arrived, and instead we had another mild sort of a day, which encouraged me to take a few more shots around the garden.

Today’s gallery features clematis (again, I know!), ivy, grevillea and a spider web 🙂

DSCF9061   DSCF9060

DSCF9103 corrected   This ivy leaf is almost like a watercolour painting – look how the colours blend into each other, but in a blotchy sort of way, just as watercolours do.  I was also taken by the ‘L’ shape formed by the two leaves.

DSCF9090  I always think of ballet dancers doing a pas de jete (or whatever that leap in the air is that they do) when I see the grevillea flowers – can’t you just see the legs going out in all directions? 😉
DSCF9075  Such beautiful, vivid pinks amongst the green foliage, all coiled and ready to spring …

DSCF9045  It’s a bit ragged in a couple of places, but this spider’s done a good job with this web, don’t you reckon?


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