Beautiful sunrise

Normally on Saturday and Sunday mornings I tend to enjoy a little bit of extra time in bed, since I don’t have to get up for work; however, this Sunday morning I was up reasonably early as I was being picked up at 9am for an all-day bridge tournament. And thank goodness I was up early-ish, otherwise I would have missed out on the most beautiful sunrise: an absolute stunner, with fiery skies and roiling clouds that quite took my breath away. As soon as I saw the glow out of my kitchen window I grabbed the camera and ran out onto the road (still in my PJs, I might add) to take photo after photo after photo (all the whole keeping an ear and eye out for any traffic, as I didn’t fancy being caught in the headlights in my night attire!). There was a gusty nor-west wind at the time, so keeping the camera steady enough in the low light was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to get some reasonably good shots to share with you.

DSCF8867 cropped

DSCF8878 cropped

DSCF8882 cropped

DSCF8885 cropped


DSCF8894 cropped

DSCF8897 cropped

DSCF8899 cropped

DSCF8906 cropped

DSCF8908 cropped


What a lovely start to the day it was: it’s just a pity that my results at the bridge tournament didn’t end the day in a similar fashion!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Beautiful sunrise

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  2. As you say, Sasa, a real stunner! It gives me an excited feeling, don’t know why. Thanks for the photos.


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