My Friend the Fantail

Like my fellow blogger ordinarygoodness mentioned in one of her recent posts, I have also been trying to take photographs of the fantails (piwakawaka) in my garden, who give me so much pleasure and enjoyment with their “cheep-cheep-cheeps” and acrobatic displays at close quarters. (Perhaps a mite too close for my liking sometimes, given that at least one of my cats is usually in attendance whenever I’m out in the garden.)  And I’m delighted to report that today I was successful!  I’m sure you heard the song and dance when I downloaded the photos a few minutes ago 😉

This little chap settled on a branch amongst the trees about 1.5m away from me and proceeded to have a jolly good wash, so whilst he wasn’t quite still, at least he wasn’t flitting from branch to branch as they usually do, which made the task just a little easier.


Isn’t he a cutie??!!

2 thoughts on “My Friend the Fantail

  1. Well done, you! Your persistence and patience paid off. Love the photos, have snaffled the last one for my screensaver – it will remind me of you.


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