Sunday, bloody Sunday

It was war out there today. In the heat of the afternoon, battle took place:  slash and counter-slash, slice and counter-slice, tug and counter-tug, knock-em-down-drag-em-out, no holds barred, blood and sweat and tears … There were casualties, of course.  Falls in the creek.  Battle wounds.  There will be scars.  And the aftermath of clean-up yet to be done …

But it was all worth it. Damn right, it was worth it, because I won.  I WON!  I WON!!!

The final score? Blackberry 0, Mothercat 1. Gotcha, Blackberry!!! No more will you grab at my clothing or stab me in the ribs as I push past you while mowing the lawn. No more will you choke my forsythia, ravage my plum tree, and lie in wait among my lilac bushes and rhododendrons to pounce on me, savage me and spit me out, bloodied and scratched and sore.  GOTCHA!!!

And here are the photos to prove it – the opposition, the casualties, the battle wounds, and the aftermath …

The Opposition:

   DSCF8283 cropped   DSCF8280

DSCF8281   DSCF8274

The casualties:


(Please note:  No animals were harmed in this battle.  It was the blackberry I was out to get, not the birds.)

The battle wounds:

DSCF8313  DSCF8311  DSCF8249

And the aftermath:

  DSCF8273   DSCF8309

Now, where’s the Dettol ….

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