Grand Pumpkin Festival, Lincoln, Canterbury

Took a drive over to Lincoln this morning, to have a look at their Grand Pumpkin Festival, which I’d seen advertised on EventFinda last week. Given that Lincoln is only a village really (although it is the site of Lincoln University, as well as a number of research institutes and the New Zealand Cricket High Performance Centre), this certainly wasn’t the mother of all Pumpkin Festivals; but with the Flying Dixies band entertaining the crowd, and a number of stalls selling plants, food, clothing and crafty-type stuff, there was plenty to look at, listen to, and take home if you felt so inclined. 

And then there were the pumpkins!  Big ones, little ‘uns, ugly ones, purty ones, decorated and gussied up or downright mean-looking, there was something there for everyone.  The biggest one weighed in at 239kgs – I’ve no idea what the local record is, but it sure looked like a whole heap of pumpkin soup to me! 

And what about the decorated ones – aren’t they awesome??!!

It sure looked like everyone was havin’ a good time! 🙂


Update 28 April 2013:

Seems like I wasn’t the only one enjoying the Pumpkin Festival – see the Pingback in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Grand Pumpkin Festival, Lincoln, Canterbury

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