Book recommendation

Just a quick post to recommend a book I have just finished reading:

Sarah's Last Wish cover

Sarah’s Last Wish is the true story of Sarah Westley, struck down at the age of 11 by a severe mystery illness which is misdiagnosed as pregnancy, triggering a devastating chain of events for the family. Unbelievable that the state health system in New South Wales, Australia, could hold such power and be so ruthless, and cause such devastation to this young girl and her family. Be prepared to shed some tears!  (But well worth the read despite that, for sure, I really recommend it.)


3 thoughts on “Book recommendation

  1. Hi Sasa … I heard about this Lass a couple of years ago … by the sounds of your post, she didn’t make it. Horrific what entrenched beliefs within society will do.

    • It was appalling, Fay: social workers and (some) medical personnel with one-track minds and tunnel vision, causing unnecessary stress and grief – distressing enough for me to read, it must have been an absolute nightmare for the family to go through.


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