Kaleidoscopic fun!

Hands up those of you who remember those wonderful kaleidoscope toys you had as a kid – anyone? 


Remember how every little turn of the barrel would render another fantastic coloured kaleidoscope pattern?  And the frustration when you could never quite recreate the same one again??  I used to spend hours with the one we had, twiddling and twirling and oohing and aahing and urging everyone to look at my wonderful creations 🙂  And you know that quote about putting away childish things?  Well, I have to confess … I haven’t stopped playing with kaleidoscopes yet!  A few years ago I discovered this wonderful computer programme called Kaleidoscope Kreator, which allows you to create beautiful kaleidoscopes using your own photos – it’s so much fun, I’m back to being a kid again, spending hours twiddling and twirling and oohing and aahing!! 🙂  Here are a few examples, starting with the original photo, and then some of the kaleidoscopes created from them:

DSCF7341 cropped  

Orange rose Star8 Orange rose Lotus8  Orange rose Star8-2

DSCF7354 cropped

Pink hydrangea Lotus8 Pink hydrangea Lotus8-3 Pink hydrangea Lotus8-2

DSCF1187 cropped 

Purple hibiscus Lotus8 Purple hibiscus Sun Rays8

 DSC04691 cropped   

Pink petunia Sun Rays8 Pink petunia Lotus8 Pink petunia Lotus8-2


Pink hydrangea square8   Pink hydrangea square8-3   Pink hydrangea square8-2

 DSC03827 cropped   

Yellow begonia Square8-2   Yellow begonia Square8

 DSC04309 cropped 

Pink flower Square8   Pink flower Circle8

DSCF1617 edited

Salmon rose square 8-5   Salmon rose square 8-4   Salmon rose square 8

Isn’t it amazing the variety of end results from the same photo?  You can understand why I can spend hours playing, can’t you?! 🙂 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kaleidoscopic fun!

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  2. Yes, you are having fun! Amazing the different pictures you can achieve. I love the one with little points flying out a la pictures of the sun. The cascading begonias are my favourite, though.


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