A post from fellow-blogger Leaf and Twig caught my eye tonight, and set me thinking how visionary some people can be, taking bits and pieces of scrap metal and creating something wonderful:  aren’t they clever?!

A couple of years ago I went to the Ellerslie Flower Show in Hagley Park here in Christchurch, and we had our lunch in the shade around Victoria Lake, where there were some wonderful scrap creations to marvel at:

Ellerslie 2010 - Gorilla

Mountain Gorilla

Ellerslie 2010 - Weta

Giant Weta

Ellerslie 2010 - Tin Woman

Iron Maiden

Ellerslie 2010 - Cow

Betsy the Cow

I think this rhino was my favourite, though – just look at the last photo of its rear end, don’t you just want to reach out and pat it??!! 🙂  And the little tail on it – oh, just too cute! 🙂 🙂

Ellerslie 2010 - Rhino  Ellerslie 2010 - Rhino 2

Ellerslie 2010 - Rhino 3

On quite a different tack, this next photo was taken at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, Kent, where I was staying with friends in 2008:  hundreds of little pieces of metal, making such a powerful statement!

Marlowe theatre sculpture

And finally tonight, with the help of my friends at NASA, a peek at the surface of the Red Planet, Mars:

The Red Planet

All right, all right, only kidding 🙂 🙂    It’s actually the rusty old lid of a 44-gallon drum – but don’t you think it could be a barren Martian landscape interspersed with some very deep, black bodies of water?? 😉  (That is, if there were any water on Mars, which I understand there actually isn’t…)

G’night, everyone, and take care!


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