Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (Take 2)

In my previous post for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I mentioned that I had also visited other areas in Colombo, High and Hereford Streets, now accessible again following a reduction in the cordoned-off red zone area of the central city.  Even from the Restart Mall, you can see evidence of work still to be done in clearing demolished buildings further along the street behind the security fence:

Restart Mall 8

I walked down to Colombo Street (the main street which runs north-south through the centre of the city), which is still partly closed off as work continues on demolition and repair of buildings damaged in the earthquakes, and then turned left and walked up to the intersection of Hereford, High and Colombo Streets.  Being only one block from Cathedral Square, site of the iconic Christchurch Cathedral and previously a venue for many events and festivities, it could be argued that this used to be the busiest intersection of all in the central city, with office blocks and/or retail shopping on all corners.

I stood in the middle of the intersection and panned round in a clockwise direction with the camera, starting by looking south down Colombo Street towards the Port Hills …

DSCF6969 DSCF6968 DSCF6967 DSCF6965 DSCF6963 DSCF6962 DSCF6961 DSCF6978 DSCF6960

Yes, you could say there’s been a bit of change there, couldn’t you …

And then I wandered down High Street:

Restart Mall 13

The writing on the door of this building relates to a check made by search and rescue personnel on 27 February (5 days after the 6.3 ‘quake), and indicates that the building was clear and nobody was found inside.  I’m presuming that the figures at the bottom  are the entry and exit times and date for the team involved.  What a stressful job that must have been …

Restart Mall - anniversary poster     DSCF7013 cropped DSCF7005

… and another 360° pan, starting out facing west towards Colombo Street and the Restart Mall:

DSCF7040 DSCF7039

DSCF7038  DSCF7037

DSCF7036  DSCF7035

DSCF7034 DSCF7033


Lots of change there, too:  and I’m struggling to remember what was there before, to be honest …

On my way back to the mall I did a bit of a double take when I spotted a lonely figure on top of this building:

Restart Mall 12 

… and then realised when I zoomed in that it wasn’t a REAL person! 🙂

Restart Mall 11

As everyone keeps reminding us, this whole earthquake recovery thing is a marathon and not a sprint – I wonder what the area will look like in a year’s time … two years’ time … five and ten years’ time:  I shall have to come back to see! 🙂

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