3D printing

On my way to work the other morning, I listened to an interview on the radio about 3D printing which just blew me away … I’m not familiar with this concept, and I was really struggling to get my head around how you can print a 3D object – I mean, printing is putting words and/or pictures onto a flat piece of paper, isn’t it?  Well, no, that’s where my thinking is stuck in the dark ages, apparently, because now it is actually possible to print 3D objects such as bicycles:

3D printed bike

Here’s a You Tube clip I found on printing a bicycle:


In the radio interview I was listening to, they mentioned the possibility of using this technique to create new organs for people who need transplants, and said that they have already made ears by this method, which I find quite incredible:  where will it end, I wonder?


4 thoughts on “3D printing

  1. I’ve been doing 3D printing at home for about a year, and it still seems like magic every time a fresh print comes off the print bed.

    The downside, that you don’t get from watching YouTube, is that it can smell kind of bad. It’s melting plastic, after all.

    • I’m quite fascinated by this concept! I watched some of the YouTube clips where they were printing things such as the control knobs for electrical equipment, or replacement parts for toys – what sort of things have you been printing? I hadn’t thought about the smell … 😦

      • Toys, mostly. Take a look at zheng3.com, you’ll see the kind of stuff I’m working on.

        What’s amazing to me is how nonchalant my kids are about it.

  2. This has piqued my interest and I am trying to picture this in my head but like you I feel blown away by the concept. Google and You Tube will have to help me on this one!


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