Hurtling towards the weekend

Oh my goodness, here it’s Thursday already (although if I’m to be absolutely accurate, it’s now actually Friday, as the clock has just ticked over midnight …), which means the weekend is just around the corner – where on earth has this week gone???

Just home from my third night of bridge this week (maybe that’s where the week has gone! 😉 ) – really love playing this game, it’s always an enjoyable challenge, even if sometimes the results aren’t worth writing home about … 🙂  And I’m sure it’s good for my brain, too, although sometimes that seems to go AWOL just when I need it most!

After a week of cooler weather with quite a bit of rain – for which my garden, at least, was very grateful – the last few days have been absolutely stunning examples of the best of autumn weather:  clear blue skies, mild temperatures, and so much glorious foliage around as the deciduous trees change colour and shed their leaves.  Today at lunchtime I went out for a walk with my camera in Burnside Park, and it just doesn’t seem fair that I keep all the photos to myself and not share them with you 🙂 🙂


And two final ones from right outside the office:

DSCF6706 cropped DSCF6699 cropped

Yup, life’s pretty good right now for me:  how are things in your neck of the woods?


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