What a difference a day makes!

Goodness me, in the last 24 hours we’ve gone from wonderfully mild autumn weather to this sight which greeted me when I walked outside this morning:


Yup, that’s snow on them thar hills!  (Them thar hills being the Southern Alps 🙂 )  And definitely chilly to go with it – brrrr!  Still waiting for the chimney sweep to come and clean my chimney – I’ll give him a call tonight if I don’t hear from him before then, because I really could do with a fire going to warm up the house:  gas and electric heaters are alright as a temporary measure, but they sure don’t generate the heat that a good log burner does 🙂

As I was having a cuppa this morning I was having a quick look through a photography book I have out of the library at the moment:  Photography and the Art of Seeing.

Photography and the Art of Seeing

It has some good suggestions to help improve one’s visual thinking in three ways:  to observe more accurately; to develop one’s imagination; and to express a theme or subject more effectively with pictures.  So, be prepared for more photos from me as I absorb and try out a few, please! 🙂 

Some of the practice exercises look interesting, eg taking photos while you’re jumping up and down, running towards your subject while taking the photo, and setting your shutter at a slow speed, then activating the self-timer and swinging the camera in circles until the shutter has released –  I’m looking forward to trying those when it’s a leetle bit warmer and less gloomy outside.  Anyway, the quick look did get me out with the camera to see what I could find … not necessarily practising as suggested above, but just trying to see things with a different eye.  (You’ll have to excuse the number of shots of the grevillea flowers – I find them almost as fascinating as the spent clematis flowers, and love seeing the ‘fingers’ of the flowers gradually unfurling as they come to full bloom:  they also make me think of gymnasts jumping in the air with their legs spread wide! 🙂 )

DSCF6410   DSCF6512

DSCF6500    DSCF6494

 Introducing:  The Grevillea Family

DSCF6471 cropped     DSCF6455 cropped

DSCF6453 cropped    DSCF6466 cropped

DSCF6440 cropped    DSCF6468 cropped v2  

DSCF6438 cropped    DSCF6447 cropped

And, fresh from their morning shower:  The Marigold Family

DSCF6475 cropped    DSCF6474 cropped

Tonight, sadly, we say farewell to Daylight Saving until the end of October – still, at least it will be lighter in the mornings, which should help on work days 😉  I’m definitely a night owl, I can sit up almost all night if I’ve got a project on the go or a really good book … but mornings, now, they’re a totally different matter …Owl

Hope your weekend’s going well! 🙂


2 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!

  1. Well now, I thought a grevillea was a Silver Oak, or Silky Oak, with large panicles of golden brown flowers. I love your version, those flowers are fascinating, and so pretty! I shall have to ask Google! Are those raindrop spangled leaves on a forget-me-not plant?

    • Same family, Jill (proteas – that surprised me) – although I had to check that myself! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grevillea The only thing I don’t like about them is their needle-like leaves, which are really prickly and darn right unfriendly when you’re trying to get in close for a photo of a flower 🙂 And, yes, that was the raindrop-spangled leaves of a forget-me-not plant, which come up absolutely everywhere in the garden, but I don’t have the heart to turf them out because they’re such a pretty, delicate little flower 🙂


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