How’s your Easter going?

Not so much doing on the wood stacking front for me today or yesterday, although I have managed to do a little bit both days – the pile is slowly shrinking 🙂 🙂

DSCF6303 cropped 

7.45pm Sunday 31 March:  Yep, definitely smaller!

There was a short skiff of rain this afternoon, and they are promising showers tomorrow morning, but I’m not worried about what’s left out in the weather, I reckon I’ve got enough under cover now to last for at least a few months.  Must admit it does give me a sense of security and satisfaction that no matter how cold the house gets, at least I have plenty of wood to get a good fire going!  (Cave woman instincts coming to the fore, do you think? 😉 )

Shot into town yesterday morning to pick up a new light bulb for my sewing machine (at last!), which has meant I’ve been able to do a little bit of sewing this evening – working on some mug rugs at the moment, which are fun to use up some of my hundreds of little scrap pieces of material, although I’m finding doing the bindings on such small finished objects (they only measure about 6″ x 3″ or 15 x 7.5cms) very fiddly:  wish there was an easier way to finish off the edges on them, I was getting very crabby trying to do them this evening!  (Photos will follow in due course 🙂 )

While I was in town yesterday I stopped at the little park on Hansons Lane, which has some lovely big trees changing colour at present – here are a few shots I took:

DSCF6255 cropped    DSCF6259 cropped  

 DSCF6239 cropped    DSCF6249 cropped

Not sure what that white flower is, but it’s quite delicate-looking and pretty.  The wind was a bit gusty, so it was a little tricky to get the focus right at times.

And some more shots taken at home during the day …

DSCF6222 cropped    DSCF6211  

 DSCF6281 cropped

That last one of the nasturtium was taken in quite low light at about 5.15pm so I upped the ISO setting, which has given it quite a grainy look, which I think I quite like …

Anyway, the witching hour has come and just gone, so time to pack up for the day:  hope you’re all getting in some good R&R over the Easter weekend!


3 thoughts on “How’s your Easter going?

  1. Thanks for the link to the mug rugs! Have a look at my other blog to see my creations:
    The wee apple tree pyjamas and Easter sun bonnet were greeted happily today.
    I have pirate print pyjamas for my grandson’s birthday party on 13th April.

    And a couple of other projects to complete for two other April birthdays.

  2. A mug rug is like a fabric coaster, but a little bigger to allow room for a biscuit as well 🙂 No real rules on what size or shape they are, but mostly they seem to be rectangular and about 15×7.5cms or thereabouts, but it’s entirely up to you. Design and decoration are also up to you, so you can have a lot of fun with them! Here’s a link to a tutorial for a basic mug rug which I was very excited to come across this morning, as it uses a different binding method which looks a lot simpler, so I shall definitely be trying this way instead – thank you for being the catalyst in my finding this! 🙂
    If you do a Google search for mug rugs and then select one of the links to images, you’ll see how creative some people can be.
    What have you been busy creating? And thanks also for identifying my mystery white flower, I think hebe could be right 🙂

  3. I was concerned that the wood pile had got the better of you but no. Wisely you have been enjoying doing other things. But what please is a “mug rug?” I have been busy knitting and stitching took.
    Lovely photos. I think your mystery white flower is a hebe.
    The white butterflies have been prevalent here during our long hot summer.


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