Wood stacking: Progress report


09:25  Tools ready, all set to start work.


Well, some of us are ready – others aren’t so keen …


10:15  Almost an hour into the job and only 110 logs of wood moved so far:  so much to do, so little done!! 🙂


11:34  That looks like good progress – but it’s still only 240 logs stacked, and a gazillion more to go … whose idea was it to get so much firewood anyway???

DSCF6132 edited

11:50  Meanwhile, some of us have merely changed our sleeping position …

DSCF6138 cropped

11:54  You can see what a sunny day it is now – thankfully I’m still able to work pretty much in the shade.  And I can definitely see a dent in that pile of wood – all right, it is only a little dent, but a dent is a dent! 🙂 🙂

DSCF6142 cropped

12:28  Sunny over here now as well, but making good progress:  time to stop for lunch 🙂

DSCF6153 edited

12:31  !!!!!


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