Wood Stacking: End of Day 1

I.  Am.  Exhausted.  ! ! !  🙂

But very happy with my progress – lookity lookity!


And with a grand total of roughly 650 logs having been moved from one stack to t’other, I can now definitely see a dent in the pile – here’s the ‘before’ shot again, taken at 8.26am this morning, with an ‘after’ shot taken at 6.16pm this evening:

DSCF6069    DSCF6208 

Lookin’ good, huh?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

And Henry Lee slept through it all – so much for him being my Chief Cheerleader and Sideline Supporter – ha!  I might just have to dock his wages and tell him he has to find his own supper tonight …

Fading beauty …

Apart from stacking logs for most of today, I did take some time out to photograph some dead flowers (yellow roses and white fresias) on my windowsill … I know, it doesn’t sound very exciting, does it? But because they’ve been sitting in the sun every day since 22 February, when I bought them, it’s almost as if they’ve been dried, keeping all their petals and just losing their colour (although the leaves have kept theirs):  here, have a look at these photos which I hope show what I mean:

DSCF6115 cropped   DSCF6091 cropped  

DSCF6108 cropped   DSCF6125 cropped  


(Ooh, look there’s a couple of aphids on that fresia – obviously not as dead as I thought it was!)

Don’t you think they have a sort of beauty?  I like the way you can see all the veins and capillaries in the roses, and I love the colour they’ve gone.  Sort of makes me even more reluctant to throw them out! 🙂

Well, having had such an energetic day I am more than ready to hit the sack tonight – I suspect I might have a little trouble moving when I wake up in the morning, the joints are starting to stiffen a little already!  But I’m sure a few barrowloads will soon fix that 😉  The forecast is fine again for tomorrow, only 23°C – but then we did get up to 28°C today, and they only forecast 25°C, so I’m picking it’ll be much the same kind of a day, which suits me just fine.

Talk to you all again tomorrow – and I’m still waiting to hear how you’re going on the Stinky Pinkies …

2 thoughts on “Wood Stacking: End of Day 1

  1. We humans are so much like squirrels as we prepare for harder days ahead. I wonder if squirrels feel that surge of satisfaction when the job is done.

    Your flowers are fascinating. They reflect the parts of Christchurch that are no longer viable but are still awaiting a final resting place.

    • Not sure about the squirrels feeling satisfaction … and I wonder how they know when they’ve got enough squirreled away??
      Interesting you should say that about the flowers, as I bought them on the second anniversary of the February 2011 ‘quake, in remembrance of those who died, so your comment was most appropriate. 🙂


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