Afternoon tea: Progress report

DSCF6179  DSCF6180

2:49  Hmmph!  Nothing’s changed here, then …


3:10  Looking good!  Time for a cuppa …

DSCF6186 corrected

3:11  Nothing like a good (long) cat nap …


3:16  Yup, she’s a warm day all right!  (Although this was in the direct sunlight …  only 21°C in the shade)


3:26  Definitely looking nibbled at the edges! 🙂

Righto, back to work (for some of us, that is – His Nibs is still resting !!)


2 thoughts on “Afternoon tea: Progress report

    • Yes, I must admit I was certainly glowing by the time I finished on that first day!! And I was beginning to question whether I really needed so MUCH wood … 😉 But the good thing about it is that it will still be there next year should I not use it all – and I won’t have to stack it the next time!


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