Stinky Pinkies

A few months ago, while researching an answer to a grammatical query from a colleague, I came across a site pertaining to grammar and composition which I found very informative, and which included an article on “Stinky Pinkies”.  I’d never heard this term before, but a stinky pinky is a sort of riddle where the answer is two rhyming words. 

Example:  Q.  What is a smelly finger?  A.  A stinky pinky. 

(Which is obviously where the term came from …)

So, I think it’s time you all had a quick test on this topic – and, I want to warn you, there is to be NO CHEATING, ie,  no racing away and getting the help of my friend and yours, Mr Google, you understand??!

Good!  Now we’ve got that clear, here are the questions:

A chubby feline = ?
A deceased Marxist = ?
A dismal singing group = ?
A ditch in Paris = ?
The home of a small rodent = ?
A large toupee = ?
A supervisor in a bad mood = ?
A wet puppy = ?
A young cat in love = ?
A superior pullover = ?
A strange-looking goatee = ?
A better café = ?
A fat fish = ?

Let me know when you’re finished and I’ll tell you how well you did 😉

And now a few pictures to help soothe any jangled nerves … these were taken this evening in St James Park in Papanui:  it’s a wee gem of a park, with a lovely rose garden at one of the entrances, and two impressive avenues of enormous deciduous trees which are now turning colour and dropping their leaves, so it’s got a great autumn look and feel to it at present.

DSCF5945   DSCF5980

DSCF5954   DSCF5951

DSCF5957   DSCF5966

DSCF5975   DSCF6051

DSCF6007   DSCF6031

DSCF6037   DSCF6038

DSCF5880 cropped   DSCF5940

DSCF5906   DSCF5918

And one final one: stopped on the side of the road on the way home to capture the setting sun, only to realise that I had stopped in the middle of a drama:  Farmer Bill trying to get three sheep which had strayed onto the road, back into their paddock – it was only when I downloaded the photo when I got home that I realised I had caught the sheep and the farmer in the photo too:   looking directly into the sun as I was, I hadn’t even seen them!  (Apologies if the photo’s a bit dark – I’ve tried to brighten it up a little, but didn’t want to spoil the effect of the sun poking out from under the clouds …) 

DSCF6059 edited


8 thoughts on “Stinky Pinkies

  1. Stinky pinky answers:
    Fat Cat
    Dead Red
    French Trench
    Mouse House
    Big Wig
    Cross Boss
    Smitten Kitten
    Best Vest
    Weird Beard
    Finer Diner
    Stout Trout

    • Well done! 10/13 – not bad 🙂 Just one I would quibble with – Best vest – Just because it’s superior doesn’t mean it’s the MOST superior, which is what best would be – so you need to put on your thinking cap again 😉


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