Lost marbles

Has anyone seen any marbles rolling around anywhere?  ‘Cos I think I lost some of mine today… Went out to a lunchtime meeting, and realised when I came back that my key to get back into the office, was actually locked inside the office – luckily I was able to get a temporary one from elsewhere.  🙂  Later on in the afternoon I stopped in at the library, and tried to leave again without checking out the book in my hand – alarm bells as I walk through the scanner at the exit, and everyone turns to see who is trying to steal valuable library resources.  How embarrassing.  Then when I get home I forget to put the groceries away (defrosted ice-cream), knock over the cat’s water bowl (puddle on the floor), and trip up the verandah step (grazed knee).  *sigh*  It’s been one of those days …

So to cheer you me up, I’m going to show you some photos of Toby, the beautiful tabby cat who lives next door where I work, and is a frequent and welcome visitor to our doors.

Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 30

Knock, knock! May I come in, please?

Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 29

Oi!! Are you deaf or something?? LET ME IN!!

Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 8


Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 20

Ahhh, sunshine!


Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 27

… nap time!

Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 10 cropped

Up here! I’m up here!!

Southwest SCT - Avice Hill 11 cropped



Isn’t he a handsome fellow?  We used to feed him every time he visited, until we heard via the grapevine that his owner had taken him to the vet because he was putting on so much weight … (Oops!)  So now when he comes calling he only gets a smidgin of low-fat milk and a pat from all of us, instead of a three-course meal. 🙂

There is another cat who frequents the garden as well, but he’s more scared of strangers and definitely not as friendly as Toby – which suits his lordship, of course, as it means he’s Top Cat and gets all the attention.   We’re going to miss him when we eventually move to other premises, that’s for sure!


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