Where did my three-day weekend go???

Well! Even though I had Friday off work, and have therefore had a three-day weekend, it still feels as if Sunday night has come round all too quickly … Mind you, given that I spent a good part of the weekend watching various sporting fixtures on the TV, it’s not surprising that I’m wondering where the time has gone! πŸ™‚ Just want to say congratulations and well done to the New Zealand Black Sox men’s softball team, who today met Venezuela in the final of the World Softball series in Auckland, and won the game 4-1: this is their 6th world title, so that’s pretty good going! And well done also to the Black Caps who, although the first cricket test against England ended in a draw today, showed just what they’re capable of when they bundled England out for 167 on the first day (well, actually it was the second day of the test, as play on Day 1 never happened due to rain in Dunedin): here’s looking forward to the next test at the Basin Reserve in Wellington in a few days’ time! And finally, congratulations to the NZ Breakers, who beat the Melbourne Tigers to win their 15th consecutive match and secure themselves a slot in the semi-finals in a couple of weeks’ time: you can do it, lads, we know you can!

It’s been pretty overcast here all day, with a hint of moisture in the air from time to time but nothing measurable; unlike the situation in Brisbane, according to my sister, who is quite keen to exchange some of their weather – rain, rain and more rain! – for some of our sunshine! πŸ™‚ It’s so dry here that for the first time in recorded history, the entire North Island is under a total fire ban, along with most of the South Island as well: I think there are now 4 or 5 regions in the North Island which have been declared drought areas, and Canterbury isn’t too far behind. A worrying thought as we head into winter, really, as the storage levels in our hydro lakes could become an issue if we don’t get some decent rain, which could mean increased power costs in the coming months and possibly also power restrictions. Anybody know any good rain incantations? πŸ™‚

Have had a bit of a lazy day today, although I did do a little bit of quilting (until the light on my sewing machine went bung 😦 ), a few chores inside and outside, and also managed to get out with the camera – here’s a sample of today’s photos:

DSCF4432 cropped
Can’t for the life of me remember what these flowers are called, but the lady at the garden shop assured me they were great for attracting bees, and she’s right!

For some reason, the wild blackberry on the perimeter of my garden has suddenly taken off in the last month or so, and is now insinuating itself everywhere – I shall be laying waste to it over the Easter weekend, that’s for sure, as I object to it taking over! And I noticed today that it’s full of horrible aphids, which is another very good reason for plotting its demise …

Clematis seedhead cropped DSCF4483 cropped
I don’t know what it is about the clematis seedheads, but I find them absolutely fascinating – whenever I see them at this stage the phrase ‘whirling dervish’ comes into my mind, because to me they do seem to whirl, and their feathery costumes look so graceful, I just love taking photos of them πŸ™‚

And finally, a few shots of a great sunset we had a couple of weeks ago: beautiful fiery reds and oranges, Mother Nature put on quite a show!

DSCF3644 DSCF3658 DSCF3669

Hope your weekend was as pleasant as mine!


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