Hands up all those who know what a wollemi tree is!

No, well I didn’t either, at least, not until I went for a walk in the Botanic Gardens this evening and came across this rather startling object:
Tree in a cage cropped
(We take our tree protection v-e-r-y seriously here in Christchurch … I mean, this cage is padlocked, even!)

Closer investigation revealed a series of stories explaining why the strange looking tree is in a cage … (click on the pictures to enlarge and make reading easier)

Tree in a cage story cropped
Tree in a cage story 2 cropped
Tree in a cage story 3 cropped
Tree in a cage story 4 cropped

But wait, there’s more on t’other side of t’cage!
Tree in a cage story 5 cropped

And finally, here’s what all the fuss is about:
Tree in a cage 2 cropped

Kinda cute looking, ain’t it? And neat that they can actually reproduce it without having to import seed and run the risk of introducing unwanted disease, etc: very clever people, these scientists.

Also came across this beautiful white flower on a big tree which I think is a magnolia – it was a huge blossom with beautiful waxy white petals, quite stunning.

White flower cropped

Things are looking rather dry in the Gardens, although there were a number of sprinklers operating – I hesitate to say it after the wonderful summer we’ve had, but … we sure could do with some rain! 🙂


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