Do you ever … (Warning: bit of a rant ahead …)

… find yourself turning off the radio or TV because you’re just so fed up with all the bad news stories that seem to feature so annoyingly often and over and over again in news and interviews nowadays? Does it irritate you? Why can’t we have some good news stories for a change? And I mean consistently, not just as 30-second feel-good bites at the end of the news: what’s the point of that, do they think it cheers us up and balances out all the murders, violence, bombings, attacks, accidents, and stupid drunken behaviour they’ve rammed down our throats for the last hour???! And why do some interviewers seem to believe that a “good” interview is one in which they constantly interrupt the interviewee, don’t give them a chance to answer questions fully, put their own point of view forward again and again as if it’s the only possible point of view, and finally cut the person short by saying, “I’m sorry, we’ve run out of time and we’ll have to leave it there”???!!! There is one particular female interviewer on Radio New Zealand National who does this all the time, and it REALLY GETS UP MY NOSE! (Yes, I am shouting!) Someone needs to take her aside and point out the error of her ways, I reckon …

Had another wee shake (as in, earthquake) about 45 minutes ago, a 3.6, 5kms deep and about 10kms away from where I live, in the same area as the Darfield one which started the whole thing off back on 4 September 2010: I do wish they’d go away and leave us alone, we’ve ALL HAD ENOUGH NOW, THANK YOU!

(Goodness, reading over my post from the beginning maybe I need to focus on some good news stories myself, all I’ve done so far is grouch, LOL!)

I know, I’ll share with you a lovely serendipitous encounter that happened at our second garden awards ceremony last Friday. One of the guests at the afternoon tea came up to me at the end and introduced herself (her name is Anna) and said, “I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful afternoon – we don’t have this sort of thing back home where I come from, and I think it’s such a lovely idea.” At first I thought by her accent that she was English, but when I enquired where she was from, she said South Africa, and she had been staying with friends for 5 weeks and was due to return home the next day. Well, immediately we had a connection, both of us being from Africa, and once we got talking the connections just kept coming and coming, it was quite uncanny! For example, when I said I was from Zimbabwe, she said that she had actually taught at Chisipite High School in Harare, and knew Marymount College (my old alma mater, in Mutare) well (beautiful school, she said – bit tick for her, LOL!). She lives in a small town called Napier (the same as our Napier here in the North Island) about 2 hours’ north of Cape Town, and of course at one stage I had family members in that area as well. Then she mentioned a Facebook website that features lots of Zimbabwe photos (it’s called “Salisbury, Rhodesia”), and of course I look at that almost every day, so we had a good old reminisce about that. Then she asked whether I knew Peter Godwin, and that’s when I just about fell off my seat, because Peter’s sister, Jain, was my very best friend at Marymount, and I spent a lot of exeat weekends and holidays with the Godwins when they lived in Melsetter. Anyway, Anna’s son Julian and Peter Godwin were cub reporters at the same time, and – I think I got this correct – they actually lived next door to the Godwins in Chisipite: talk about a small world!!! I get a real buzz when something like this happens: two complete strangers happen to meet and start talking and discover these incredible connections – it really does make you realise how connected we all are without realising it!

Thank you for allowing me to share that story with you, that’s put me in a much better mood than I was at the beginning of my post!

And now the witching hour has arrived, and it’s time for bed – catch you all again next time 🙂

DSCF1772 Henry Lee hiding in the pea crop


One thought on “Do you ever … (Warning: bit of a rant ahead …)

  1. Wow, Sasa, that’s an amazing coincidence. I’m sure it left you grinning all over your face. Hope you can keep in touch with her.


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