Welcome visitor

Very lazy day today! Slept in and had a late breakfast, did a few chores, read a little, slept a little more, played on the computer – just nice R&R after the hustle and bustle of last week. My good intentions for mowing the lawns somehow never came to fruition, so that’ll be moved to top of the list for tomorrow – and if the rain arrives which was forecast last night, so be it 🙂

This little fellow was prowling around the garden this afternoon …
… and I suspect this was him yesterday morning, fossicking in the cats’ feed bowls outside my bathroom window (hence the slight fuzziness of the photo) to see what scraps were left. (None at all, but no sense in me putting out food for him, ‘cos the cats can’t read the signs saying “Hedgehogs Only”, and would just scoff it up anyway.)

I think I was more worried about him falling in the creek this afternoon (I don’t have a life jacket small enough for him, and I didn’t fancy getting my feet wet to effect a rescue …) than he was at my close presence. Cute wee critters, hedgehogs, and as far as I know they’re harmless enough in the garden, so I don’t chase them away: unlike the ruddy possums, who throw parties on my roof from time to time and just LOVE stealing my vegies and nibbling all the sweet young shoots on any new plant growth – pesky devils, them I can well do without!

What sort of visitors do you get in your garden?


2 thoughts on “Welcome visitor

  1. Isn’t it funny how someone else’s ‘pests’ can seem much more attractive than one’s own: due to reading many a Joyce Stranger story, the thought of badgers and foxes in my garden seems very romatic and appealing – much more so than pesky possums, that’s for sure! 🙂 And yet I know in my heart of hearts that they’re just as annoying for you as the possums are for me – and now that I think about it some more, I’m not too sure that Henry Lee would cope with badgers and foxes, LOL!

  2. We get slightly larger visitors here, Sasa. Badgers which polish off any spilt peanuts put up for the birds, and pesky foxes which leave a very unpleasant smell behind them.


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