TGIF :))))))

Henry Lee sleeping

Henry Lee takes it easy after a hard day’s mousing …

Feel a bit like this myself tonight – it’s been a busy old week, with two award functions at the beginning and end of it, which have taken just on two months to organise:  I’m delighted to be able to say they both went off very well! 🙂  Each year the Community Boards in Christchurch present Community Pride Garden Award certificates to residents and businesses whose properties contribute to Christchurch’s “Garden City” image:  recipients are invited to a morning or afternoon tea at which they are presented with their certificates by the Board members, and we have a prize draw for tickets to the Ellerslie International Flower Show (, which takes place in a few days’ time in Christchurch.  At some of the functions there are also prizes of garden-related gift vouchers and a guest speaker to share gardening tips and answer questions. 

Many of the recipients have been Garden Award winners for a number of years, and it’s a matter of great pride for them to announce they are now collecting their certificate for the 16th  (or more) year!   However, whether they’re old hands or first-timers, the joy and pleasure they all get from their efforts is easy to see, and there have been many heart-warming and inspiring stories of how gardening has helped people through illnesses, bereavements or other personal troubles.  Whilst searching the web for some quotes to include in a slideshow of garden photos I came across an anonymous saying which pretty well sums it up:  “You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt“!

I have some work to do in my own garden over the weekend – it’s been so dry here lately that I’ve held off mowing the lawn for a couple of weeks now, but need to get onto it soon so it doesn’t become a jungle which I will then have to tame!  I also want to get out with the camera and take some more photos – I joined two photographic challenges recently (113 Pictures in 2013 – is one, and the other is 100 Strangers –  I’m doing OK with the first one, although I haven’t posted anything for a couple of weeks, but have yet to start on the other – need to work up a bit of courage first, to approach a likely “target” and see if I can convince him/her to allow me to take their photo and upload it to the web …  So if there are any volunteers out there who live in the Christchurch area, please feel free to get in touch, LOL! 🙂

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